I agree to defend the right of free speech, of course
That seems to be the most important thing…
Symbolically anyway

Like 911
Where the most important thing seemed
To be a sensational attack on freedom
And people’s twitch bones
Caused them to imagine
Suddenly living in an Islamic fundamentalist state
Run by medieval theocrats and warlords?

Does the million person chant really sound like:

We are Western
Not like you
We are civil
You are criminals
You bully
and We will stop you…

What gets me is the simplicity of this narrative
Hard to find a way in
To this tough nut
Made harder by
Conformist anger
And the need to belong and exclude

Do three men and their bosses speak directly for millions of Muslims?

Just as accurately as a group of KKK can speak for all white people
That’s the collapse of logic
A false two-way relationship
That sounds true, but isn’t

I think they call it a synecdone
If all apples are red
Then all red must be apples

Faulty logic
Spread smoothly around
not stated, but hinted at
so much so
that it gets truthier than life itself

The one policeman killed
At the time of the attack
Was a a French Muslim.
That he doesn’t get much of a footnote
By the world press

He death symbolic of a sacrifice
so free speech can continue to safely
ridicule him and his religion.

It might complicate the narrative a tad
to make a hero of a Muslim
in the midst of such
free flowing hatred

People’s minds
don’t easily comprehend
the interchange of black and white hats

What of these Young men
Where did they get their training and weapons?
And bloodless attitude?
Why can’t they talk freely
And explain themselves to the world at large?

They were raised in France
Probably given American grade weapon technology
And probably trained by paramilitary forces
Germinated by a coalition
Of incestuous ties
Between manufacturers of weapons and
And war deal makers…

An ugly reality to contemplate:
Free speech is free
If it doesn’t criticize the powers that be
If it offends the supremely powerful,
Free speech turns as expensive
As life itself…

Look at Julian Assange for example
Trapped like a rat
in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London
on trumped up charges of date rape
Stalked internationally and extraditable
for a sophomoric offense?

Staked 24/7 by a garrison
that annually costs the city of London millions
For the crime of leaking documents
that Clearly showing abuses
Of the US military
On another country’s soil in the face of all International Law

Machine gunning unarmed groups of men and children
For the crime of gathering outside of a home
and Talking
on a Sabbath day

From their Apache Helicopter
Whose propellers spin for $500/second
Teenagers from nowhere, USA
Were caught on tape laughing
as they sprayed the crowd
with the most advanced killing weaponry on Earth
Laughing and saying “awesome”
as the bodies twitched and fell below
Like a video game

Blackwater (read: liquid oil) contractors who weren’t even subject to the scrutiny of a military court
Blipping out targets or whatever euphemisms they use
for murder
of men, women and children, grandparents
and pets, defending their lives, but in most cases, defenseless…

And this man, Assange
Does he have millions of people protesting in his name
or twittering for him
for using free speech to bring these crimes to light?
Or Snowden?
For exposing just how much Big Brother is watching us…
If Ecuador and Russia are the champions of their free speech,
what does that say about how we really value free speech??

The satirists that were murdered
In cold blood
Used their free speech
To ridicule, to mock
Fine by me

Sure, I can use my free speech
To shit on someone else’s Jesus
For years
After the joke has gotten old.

So of course I can mourn
The tragedy of people
Being murdered in cold blood
On an ordinary day at the office
And grieve with their families
that were called by policemen
to confirm they didn’t make it
after they probably heard it over the news…
That’s easy feel horrible about…

I can also feel deeply sorry
For the young men that did this
Criminals too deserve compassion
What hell were they living in
That they would externalize whatever was inside
In such a way…

They were also someone’s child
crawling, laughing and crying like the rest of us
And now they’re twisted
Into the monsters
That carried out those acts

When I look to the cause of that…
It reminds me of that training
At the School of the Americas
In Georgia
A secret school
That has for years
Trained murderers
To lose all human touch

Schooled first, then
Sent back to their countries
to Guatemala, Chile, Nicaragua, El Salvador
to terrorize the locals into
not daring to speak, not daring to vote

by setting an example with the peaceful leaders
Raping nuns
Tearing the fingernails from Jesuit priests
disappearing professors and honorable journalists from Universities and newspapers

preached and lectured about treating the poor with dignity
Being equitable
Instead of allowing grossly materialistic concentrations
of wealth by a few local families connected to cronies in Washington
to decide everyone’s fate

These people only to watch their country mature and grow
On it’s own terms
Instead of being treated like a colony of mines and fields
Resources taken
from afar by Washington, or New York, or Oklahoma
wherever corporate is these days
and speaking up meant no one was safe…

The media didn’t do much to defend their right of speech.

These murderers were trained for political ends
But the methods of turning men into the murderers of their brothers and sisters and mothers and fathers
Start by torturing little animals
That’s their 101 course at the Georgia school

That is the loss of humanity that I refer to
When I think of whatever twisted training
These HEBDO young men have received

So yes, free speech is paramount to protect and defend
Despite poor taste and poor judgment in the exercise of it
Despite selective defense of free speech
So that the true and unsexy champions of it are scarcely remembered
While the prankster ones are upheld
And despite the words “free speech” almost being property like Nike
Despite all these things, yes, I stand in support in free speech.

Tens of millions of voiceless Muslims
Don’t seem to have their free-speech respected
In Western media anyway

And the few brave souls who challenge arrogant Superpowers
Hardly seem to have their free speech either
But despite all of this
Charlie Hebdo deserves their free speech
Without any threat of violence toward their people

Personally, I would like to hear the free speech
The most truthful and freest speech
Of the people who trained these young men
Of the people who sold and manufactured their weapons
Of people who write terrorism handbooks
Probably in English

I would love to hear them speak openly and honestly
About their ideas
Their philosophies
Just honestly answering one question: Why!??

I would like to hear the free speech
Of our modern-day Goebbelists
Master puppetiers and propagandists
Who make lies the norm in the media
To cover up the worst of crimes
Making omission a delicate new art form

What would they say if they could freely speak
With no fear of retribution
By others in collusion within?