WARNING THIS POST is partially a rant. IGNORE if you want the positive side only!

Many people mean efficiency when they talk about success
a nifty set of systems for improving focus,
to inspire confidence, and feel more in control of their game

The first big truth is that none of those things in themselves creates happiness
Many years of New Year’s Resolutions…
Exercise First, wait, but what about Spirituality?
How about conquering bad habits, wait, but what about Productivity?

Green shakes one year, green coffee the next…
if you’re like me…
Working late hours one year
and crack of dawn routines the next…

Efficiency and systems don’t make people happy
on their own anyway
from what I’ve seen, the best they can do is to reduce the thinking about mundane and consuming things
that populate our to-do lists. At worst they add to them.
And that’s supposed to bring us to the promised land of more time, less worry, more prestige
so the focus can go elsewhere…

Where is that “elsewhere” our minds would like to wander? That is the question that truly fascinates me about people…

Asking what makes me successful is a core question
because if success is about getting what I want
then it leads me to the question: what do I truly want?

I’ll orient my life to it and discard what doesn’t align to it.
The very things I’ll regard as worthwhile or a waste of time will get wrapped up in that notion of success.

And sometimes, that can keep me blind to those wonderful opportunities life brings while I’m “busy” trying to be successful.

So this seems more like a crucible
not just a quickly scribbled post
so I too can run down the hill in time to join a branded success party…

Fake happy is a dangerous place for me to be
I’ve gone to fake happy parties before
they’re often full of people that smile
hoping to be liked

Others, more haughty, are you SOMEONE they should be nice to?
All often looking to others for answers because they got out the habit of listening to their own

In those place, success means what the GROUP values,
and that often means: money and things that money buys
to help prop us up
on a mountain of cash
with passive income streams like a well watered moat around our little castle

That’s the worst definition of success I can think of
because it mistakes the mean for the end. At the end of the day, success is the simple achievement of something, fair and square
without the slightest commentary on whether the thing achieved brought with it true happiness. Only if it got accomplished.

Maybe the real question is: what do I truly want?
And once I know that, how can I live in a way that is aligned with that full experience?

In the meanwhile, I’ll be “successful” in my day to day

When my mind isn’t wagging a finger at me…
When my soul sings at least one true note a day
When I choose the opposite action to the automatic choice
When I participate in a truly unselfish act
…. that’s a sign of a successful day

When I pick up a book and it feels like an old friend reached out and wrote a reminder for me
When I make an insignificant sacrifice to show someone good manners
When I did not manipulate a situation, but let it unfold
…. that’s a sign of a successful day

When I try something new and it turned out to be pleasant, not scary
When I have met a new friend
When I take great pleasure in the pleasures given to me, whether
food, conversation, sex, nature, thoughts, of a generosity of spirit…
…. that’s a sign of a successful day

Then success is about achieving that thing which brings me happiness and deep satisfaction, relatively.